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This rainbow visual effect was created for one of Harry Alisavakis's Tech Art Discord challenges. The theme was rainbow. The effect has three main parts: the fireworks, the balloons, and the smoke.

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Rainbow VFX

Rainbow VFX

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Rainbow Still.png
Rainbow Balloons.gif
Rainbow Smoke.gif
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This effect was created using Unity HDRP with Shader Graph and VFX Graph. The animated particle was made in After Effects.


The firework portion of this effect was made using Unity's VFX graph. The effect uses event triggers to add sub-systems to the initial particle. The initial system is a single particle that shoots up and is effected by gravity. This particle has a system attached to it that is constantly imitating it's own particles to create a trail effect. The initial particle has an on death trigger to create the circular explosion of particles that are effected by gravity. Each particle in the explosion has the same trail system present on the initial particle. There are six firework VFXs in the scene one for each color in the rainbow.


I started by creating a balloon model in Blender. The balloons have a shader made in Unity's Shader Graph and a C# script on to achieve this effect. The shader effects the balloons color and smoothness to achieve the rubber look. The shader modifies the vertex position to create a pulsing effect. The C# script attached to the balloons causes them to rotate with a random speed and direction and bob up and down at a random interval.


The smoke effect was created in Unity's VFX graph using the Lit Quad particle output. The particles are an expanding smoke flipbook made in After Effects with matching normals. A point light was placed at the base of each smoke effect. There is a spark system that uses turbulence for the particles movement.

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