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Play as an astronaut of the cosmos repairing a ruined planet. Tractor-beam in comets, asteroids, and gas-teroids to reach equilibrium and sustain life.
Originally crafted as part of Global Game Jam 2020, revamped and expanded upon. Lumpy is also available on Steam.

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My Personal Contribution

My role on the team was project manager, and lead mechanic, level and VFX designer. I led the design meetings and was an integral part in creating the initial concept. I worked closely with the coding team to determine how the key statistics would work in the game. I coordinated with each team member to ensure the project was completed on time and within expectations. In addition, I worked with particle systems and Unity shader graph to create effects that would mesh well with the work done by the art team.

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Lumpy was made by a team of six people from Divine Gardener Studios. What started out as a game jam game turned into a finished passion project.


  • Emily Waugh - Mechanics, Level and VFX Design, and Project Management

  • David Helbling - Coder

  • Jared Burkamper - Coder


  • Emily Wynkoop - Character Design, Environment, and Marketing

  • Kyrah Gayle - Environment, and Marketing

  • Dustin Downs - Environment, Graphic Design, and Sound

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