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In Cursed swamp you play as a water spirit that has been trapped by monsters in a magical swamp. You must collect glass shards to rebuild a stained glass window to break the curse and free yourself.
Product of the Game Makers Toolkit game jam 2021

Cursed Swamp: Bio
Cursed Swamp

Cursed Swamp

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My Personal Contribution

In addition to project management, I handled all the mechanics, level, and VFX for the game. I established the game pitch and game design documents. I collaborated with the art and coding teams to make a timeline of tasks that would need to be completed during the 48 hour time frame. During the game jam I received regular updates from team members and I was responsible for making the changes required to insure completion within the time constraints. I created nine different effects with particles and shaders. Most notably, I created a transparent water shader which included depth based color, caustics, and distortion. The water shader produced edge foam, vertex displacement, and was compatible with interactive ripples. The ripples effected the vertex displacement and surface color.

Cursed Swamp: Text


Cursed Swamp was made during a 48 hour game jam in 2021 by five members of Divine Gardener Studios.


  • Emily Waugh - Mechanics, Level and VFX Design, and Project Management

  • David Helbling - Coder

  • Jared Burkamper - Coder


  • Emily Wynkoop - Character Design and Environment

  • Dustin Downs - Environment

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