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I have been passionate about game design since high school. My creative writing teacher shared how this passion can lead to a rewarding career and changed my life for the better. When I began my education in game design at Miami University I was always pushing myself to exceed my expectations. In team projects, I challenged myself to take on new rolls to learn new skillsets. This desire enabled me to discover my love for VFX. The ability to be versatile has made me a valued team member. I am excited about taking on new and challenging projects and collaborating with new people just as passionate about game design as I am.

I have graduated from Miami University with a degree in Interactive Media Studies with a focus on game design. There I received the Outstanding Games Senior: Games Production award and the Outstanding ETBD (Emerging Technology in Business and Design) Games Senior award. I also hold minors in Anthropology and Fashion Design. My major skills in game design include the following: project management, mechanics, level, and VFX design. In addition, I have a strong working knowledge of 3D modeling, 2D pixel art, and C# coding. The game engines I focused on at Miami where Unity and Unreal.

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