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It’s getting late and it’s just about time to get some shuteye. The only problem is, your child will do anything to stay up all night. Sneaking ice cream, blaring the tv, and refusing to put on PJs is one thing, but lighting fires? Trashing the house? He can’t be put down to sleep until all of this is cleaned up!

Local two-player allows one player to be the structured and exasperated parent that just wants some sleep, while the other player gets to be the hyper and terrifying child that refuses to lay down. Who will win? It’s a test of wills only you can determine. Originally crafted as part of a 48 hour Miami University Game Jam.

Lumpy Pillows: Bio
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Lumpy Pillows: Welcome

My Personal Contribution

My role on the team was lead mechanic, level and VFX designer. I led the design meetings and was an integral part in creating the initial concept. As the level designer my job was to block out and fill in the level.  Also, I coordinated with the coding team to make sure all of the many mechanics were being implemented according to the initial plan. I created the particle effect for each of the mechanics.

Lumpy Pillows: Text


Lumpy Pillows was made by a team of nine people during a 48 hour game jam.


  • Emily Waugh - Mechanics, Level, and VFX Design

  • David Helbling - Coder

  • Jared Burkamper - Coder

  • Sean Keough - Project Manager


  • Emily Wynkoop - Environment, and Marketing

  • Trey Grabinger - Character Design, and Environment

  • Dustin Downs - Environment, and Sound

  • Christian Turner - Character Design, and Environment

  • Graham Curry - Graphic Design

Lumpy Pillows: List
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