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This cherry blossom effect was created for one of Harry Alisavakis's Tech Art Discord challenges. The theme was wind. The effect has three main parts: the petals, the wind wisps, and the water.

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

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Still Wind VFX.png
Wind VFX.gif
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This effect was created using Unity URP with VFX Graph. The three tree models were made in Blender.


The petals on the trees and the falling petals are part of the same VFX graph effect. The petals on the trees where placed randomly using a signed distance field custom for each tree model. The wind sway of the tree petals was created using two types of noise.

The falling petals are spawned in using the same signed distance field as the tree petals. Gravity and a directional force are applied to get the falling motion. The directional force uses world space.


The wind wisps are a simple trails system made in VFX graph with a directional force.


The water is the same water shader I outlined here. The values were toned down for the scene.

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