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Project Sub-Deep is a 3D first person survival horror game where the player pilots a submarine back up to the surface while collecting other sunken submarine’s black boxes along the way with a tractor beam. Throughout the ascent the player will need to use stealth and the natural environment to avoid detection from a giant enemy fish. Piloting the ship will require the player to balance the remaining electricity to the lights, sonar, and life support. This game was made as a semester long group assignment for an Indie Game Development class at Miami University.

Project Sub-Deep: Bio
Title Screen1.png
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Project Sub-Deep: Welcome

My Personal Contribution

During the development of Project Sub-Deep, I served as the acting project manager and lead designer. I took on the lead design work for mechanics, level, VFX, graphics, lighting, and sound design. This included managing a team of developers and maintaining the theme and direction of the project over several months of development. I was responsible for several VFX assets throughout the project. This including a vertex displacement fish shader, a water shader, and a shader that dithers in and out based on camera distance. I also designed and model the cave walls to create the intended atmosphere for the project. My largest coding contribution was a fish swarming AI built using C# that helped bring life to the caves.

Project Sub-Deep: Text


Project Sub-Deep was made by a team of four people for an indie game development class.


  • Emily Waugh - Mechanics, Level, and VFX Design, Project Management, Coder, Environment, Graphic Design, Lighting, and Sound

  • Bryan Afadzi - Coder

  • Jonathan Byrne - Coder, and Character Design

  • Patrick Larmon - Coder, and Environment

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