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This space visual effect was created for one of Harry Alisavakis's Tech Art Discord challenges. The theme was Celestial. The effect has three main parts: the randomized planets, the swirling particles, and the sun.

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Celestial VFX

Celestial VFX

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This effect was created using Unity URP with Shader Graph and VFX Graph.


The planets were made using Unity's Shader Graph. The shader divides the planet into three biomes. One for each of the poles and a center biome. These biomes are separated by RGB gradient mapping and blended into each other using noise. Each of these biomes has a set of five elevations and it's own displacement noise. Each elevation has it's own texture and normal maps. All of the values are exposed and randomized with a C# script. The planets have an atmosphere object that is a sphere with a simple transparent fresnel shader. There is a C# script which rotates the planets on their axis's and orbits them around the sun.


The swirl effect was created using a combination of Unity's Shader Graph and VFX Graph. A transparent distortion shader was placed on a plane that covers the lower half of the effect. The trail particle VFX spawns the particles in a cylinder and rotates them around the sun and slightly towards the center. There is a large rotating spiral particle.


The sun uses a shader that distorts a noise texture with simple noise and scrolls it in two different directions. There is a fresnel effect on the sun.

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